Not a Fan: are you a fan or follower?

Are you a fan or follower of Jesus?  Join us for a 6 week all Church Journey as we look at this question.

Not a Fan: DTR
August 26th, 2012

This first message looks at defining the relationship between you and Jesus.  It becomes easy to convince ourselves that we are followers of Jesus when we really are just enthusiastic admirers.  Which are you, fan or follower?

Not a Fan: Anyone
September 02, 2012

Did Jesus really mean anyone could follow Him?  This message looks over Luke Chapter 4-6 at the many times Jesus went to the spiritual and social outcasts of His day to call His followers. He’s still calling to Himself broken, unworthy men and women who you would never guess could be used by God. 

Not a Fan: Intimacy
September 09, 2012

We can know God! Luke 7:36-50 paints a picture of two very different reactions to Jesus. One is all about knowing about Jesus, the other is all about knowing Jesus as savior.  We have a choice to make with God: intimacy or fling.

Not a Fan: Bury the Dead
September 16, 2012 John Johnson

What about when Jesus seems stern and demanding? Still want to be a follower?

Not a Fan: Not available
September 23, 2012

Due to technical issues this Sunday's sermons are not currently available. Please check back to see when they become available. They will not be distributed through the podcast.

Not a Fan: Decision time
September 30, 2012

The final message in our not a fan series.  It's not a question of right belief but are you standing in, trusting in, resting in Christ.  The truth is that being a fan cannot give us a new heart. Only God can make our hearts new.