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James 5:13-20
Pray for One Another
May 22nd Andrew Holzworth


James 5:1-12
Be Patient 
May 15th Andrew Holzworth


James 4:13-17
Arrogance vs Providence
May 8th John Johnson


James 4:1-10
May 1st Andrew Holzworth


James 3:13-18
April 24th Andrew Holzworth


James 3:1-12
Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak
April 17th Andrew Holzworth


April 10th Andrew Holzworth


April 3rd Andrew Holzworth


March 20th John Johnson


James: Is It Worth it?
March 13th Andrew Holzworth


March 6th Andrew Holzworth


Febuary 28th Andrew Holzworth


ALL-IN: David was All-IN
Febuary 21st Andrew Holzworth


Family Plan logo
Febuary 21 John Johnson


Family Plan logo
Febuary 14 John Johnson


ALL-IN: Joshua was All-IN
Febuary 14th Andrew Holzworth


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The Family Plan: One Flesh
Febuary 7th John Johnson


ALL-IN: Noah was All-IN
Febuary 7th  Andrew Holzworth


ALL-IN: Abraham was All-IN 
January 31st  Andrew Holzworth


ALL-IN: Are you ALL-IN? Part 2
January 24th Andrew Holzworth


ALL-IN: Are you ALL-IN?
January 17th Andrew Holzworth


Gospel of Luke:The Ascension 
January 10th John Johnson


Gospel of Luke:The Resurrection
January 3rd Andrew Holzworth


Gospel of Luke: The Crucifixion
December 27th Andrew Holzworth


Gospel of Luke: Jesus Does Not Fail 
December 20th Andrew Holzworth


Gospel of Luke: Jesus' Plans Are Better Than Yours
December 13th Andrew Holzworth


Gospel of Luke: Peace of Jesus
December 6th John Johnson

Family worship Sunday with the full family of God.

Gospel of Luke: widows offering
November 29 Andrew Holzworth

Family worship Sunday with the full family of God.

Gospel of Luke: games
November 22 Andrew Holzworth

Certain things you shouldn't play games with.

Gospel of Luke: servants
November 15th Andrew Holzworth

Good and bad servants exist. Which are you?

Gospel of Luke: 
November 8, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

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Gospel of Luke: Childlike
November 1 Andrew Holzworth

how do you approach Jesus?

Gospel of Luke: undignified
October 25th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

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Gospel of Luke: grateful leper
October 18th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Do you still return to Jesus with what He has done in your life?

Gospel of Luke: forgive
October 11th, 2015 John Johnson

How many times should you forgive? what about in marriage?

Gospel of Luke: Law and grace
October 4th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Jesus is the fullfillment of the law and the answer to all God's promises.

Gospel of Luke: sheep, coin, son
September 27th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Jesus told stories to show us what God is like.

Gospel of Luke: baptism Sunday
September 20th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Count the cost. Celebrating the cross and hearing the testimonies of God's people.

Beautiful Design: together
September 13th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

We compliment one another. Men and women working together for the glory of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beautiful Design: Women
September 6th, Andrew Holzworth

The purpose, failures and redemption of women.

Beautiful Design: manhood
August 30, 2015 John Johnson

The purpose, failures and redemption of men.

Beautiful Design: imago dei and culture
August 23, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Addressing culture and how God has designed us.

Gospel of Luke: heart matters
August 16th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

unapologetically and purposefully Jesus goes after our hearts.

Gospel of Luke: family worship Sunday
August 9th, 2015 Kristin Sanders

Gathered together as kids and family.  Talking about the narrow door.

Gospel of Luke: repent or perish
August 2nd, 2015 John Johnson

hard verses and explanation

Gospel of Luke
July 26th, 2015 John Johnson


Gospel of Luke: religion vs Jesus
July 12th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

There is a vast difference between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and religion.

Gospel of Luke: Asking, seeking, knocking.
July 5th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Luke 11 and the way Jesus taught His disciples to pray.

Gospel of Luke: two things
June 28, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

love God and love others.

Gospel of Luke: flawed
June 21, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

non perfect people used by a perfect God.

Gospel of Luke: unseen
June 14th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Be careful how you hear. 

Gospel of Luke: How's your hearing?
June 7th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Be careful how you hear. 

Gospel of Luke: Childlike
May 31, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Childlike or childish?

Gospel of Luke: faith
May 24th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Where is your faith? 

Gospel of Luke: blind guides
May 17th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Gospel of luke chapter 6:37 to the end.

Gospel of Luke: love
May 10th, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Love your enemies, bless those who curse, pray for those who abuse. Hard commands of Jesus but necessary.

Stewardship: open handed
May 3rd, 2015 Andrew Holzworth

Final week of Be Generous. False gospels and practical stewardship.

Stewardship: a generous people
April 26th John Johnson

I will bless you...that you might bless others.

Stewardship: Living in light of Eternity
April 19th Andrew Holzworth

All we have and are is from God..steward well.

Gospel of Luke: blessings and woes
April 12th Andrew Holzworth

Where are you with how Jesus says things work?

Easter Sunday 2015
April 5th Andrew Holzworth

Across the world we gather to declare one thing..."He is risen!"

Family Sunday: Under the Umbrella
March 29th Andrew Holzworth

We gather together as a Church to look at Jesus life and if He will live out what He said.

The Gospel of Luke: So it begins
March 22nd Andrew Holzworth

The beginning of Jesus ministry

The Gospel of Luke: temptation, and the way of escape
March 15th John Johnson

temptation and the example Jesus sets.

The Gospel of Luke: Genealogy
March 8th Andrew Holzworth

Luke 3:22-38.  What can the family line of Jesus teach us?

The Gospel of Luke: John the Baptist
March 1st, John Johnson

Luke 3:1-22.  Prepare the way of the Lord.

The Gospel of Luke: first glance
February 22nd, Andrew Holzworth

Luke 2:41 teenage Jesus. Trying to gain perspective on Jesus and life.

The Gospel of Luke: In the end
February 15th, Andrew Holzworth

Week 6 Luke 2:22 Simeon and Anna. The hope of the gospel allows us to live, suffer, and in the end die well.

The Gospel of Luke: The why matters
February 8th, Andrew Holzworth

Week 5 Luke 2. The why of Christ coming should compel us to worship.

The Gospel of Luke: end goal
February 1st, Andrew Holzworth

Week 4 as we finish chapter one, verses 57-80.  God presses not to destroy but for what end?

The Gospel of Luke: humble heart
January 25th, Andrew Holzworth

Week three of a year through Luke. Chapter 1:39-56

The Gospel of Luke: trusting the promise
January 18th, Andrew Holzworth

Week two of a year through Luke. Chapter 1:5-38

The Gospel of Luke
January 11th, Andrew Holzworth

The beginning of a year long walk through Luke.

First things first
January 4th, Andrew Holzworth

vision for the year 2015

Advent: minas
December 28th, Andrew Holzworth

Welcome to the family business.

Advent: 3 kings
Dec 21st, Andrew Holzworth

3 non Christmas thoughts that will help us worship this Christmas.

Advent: Herald
Dec 14th, Andrew Holzworth

I bring you good news of great joy, for all the people

Advent: promise
Dec 7th, Andrew Holzworth

God promised He would put away sin, death, and guilt. 

Deep Truth: God Reigns
Nov 23, Andrew Holzworth

Jesus is on the throne....

Deep Truth: Stewardship
Nov 16th, John Johnson

I didn't create it, I don't own it.

Deep Truth: Worship
Nov 9, Andrew Holzworth


Deep Truth: the Church
Nov 2, Andrew Holzworth


Identity: Our mission...
Oct 26, John Johnson


Identity: God's mission...
Oct 19, Ryan Massey


Identity: I am...
Oct 12, Andrew Holzworth


Identity: God is...
Oct 5th, John Johnson


Journey Home week 6: Staying home
September 28th, Andrew Holzworth

How can we stay at home with God. The Bible tells us to abide.

Journey Home week 5: At the Table
September 21st, Andrew Holzworth

At the table of God we are invited into the presence, promises, and provision of God.

Journey Home week 4: repentance
September 14th, Andrew Holzworth

The fruit of a heart that has been changed by Jesus Christ is repentance.

Journey Home week 3: compelled by?
September 7th, Andrew Holzworth

As adopted sons and daughters of God what should motivate us towards life, obedience, and Christ.

Journey Home week 2: family worship Sunday
August 31, Andrew Holzworth

What is God like?...and what does He think of you?

Journey Home
August 24th, Andrew Holzworth

The invitation to come home is on the table.

Hebrews: Practicals
August 17th, Andrew Holzworth

We end our study of the book of Hebrews the way that the author does.

Hebrews: Your turn
August 10, Andrew Holzworth

No matter the circumstance or hardship Jesus is better.

Hebrews: Priesthood
July 20th, John Johnson

Jesus is our great high priest...Forever interceding.

Hebrews: warnings and assurances
July 13th, Andrew Holzworth

Some of the hardest verses of Hebrews are a warning for some and assurance for others.

Hebrews: Soul rest
July 6th, Andrew Holzworth

Taking on chapters 2,3, and 4

Hebrews: Many times, many places.
June 29th, Andrew Holzworth

Studying the book of Hebrews. Starting in chapter 1

Deep Truth: Resurrection
June 22nd, Andrew Holzworth

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  He is alive.

Deep Truth: Cross
June 15th, Andrew Holzworth

The death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the end of his life and the beginning of ours.

Deep Truth: Incarnation
June 8th, Andrew Holzworth

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh: fully God, fully man.

Deep Truth: Fall
June 1, John Johnson

Genesis chapter 3 shows us the fall of humanity

Deep Truth: Image
May 25, Andrew Holzworth

You were created as an image bearer of God.

Glory, Eternity, Vision
May 18th, Andrew Holzworth

What adds fuel to the fire of the Gospel?