A call to pray

A year of prayer, six wednesday night prayer gatherings,once a month 24 hour prayer. We are praying this year.

Year of prayer
December 30, Andrew Holzworth

The main thing keeping us from prayer is not that we don't know we should. It's we don't believe God wants, enjoys, and delights in us.  Today starts a year of prayer and moving from discipline to delight.

Teach us to pray
Jan 6th, Andrew Holzworth

What better place to look when talking about praye than the famous "our father" prayer of Jesus.  May God change our heart toward prayer and may we see Him as he really is...a loving dad.

What's on you radar?
Jan 13th, Andrew Holzworth

How much are you aware of the spiritual influences on your life?  The spiritual world is unseen but what is going on there and what does our prayer life have to do with it?

Devoted to Prayer
Jan 20th, Andrew Holzworth

Again and again the Bible calls us to be devoted in prayer.  The truth is prayer is difficult and we must work at it.  What keeps you from pressing into God, from seeking Him?  Today we look at Colossians 4.

When God says "no"
Jan 27th, Andrew Holzworth

When the answer to prayer is "no" or you feel like God hasn't answered at all... What is He doing?  Looking at the life of the apostles, first christians, moses and more we look at who God is and in the end declare that even in the heartache, pain, suffering of this world God is enough...He sustains.

Caught up in God
Feb 3rd, Andrew Holzworth

What are you putting to death in your life? The truth is that the human heart is a factory for idols.  God has called us out as His people and we must constantly be on the look out for lesser things trying to become ulitmate in our life.

Pastoral Prayers
Feb 10th, Andrew Holzworth

We began the series with the goal of stirring up Cobblestone to pray. This final message centers around, what are the prayers of Cobblestone? What drives us to do all that we do? We are challenging everyone who calls Cobblestone home to join in these prayers for our Church.