On a Quest to find the God of the Bible.

Six week all Church Journey to seek out the God of the Bible. We all are searching and the answers we have to lifes biggest questions changes where we end up.

God Quest
Feb 17, John Johnson

We began this all Church journey looking at truth. In a world that is less than committed to claim real truth exists what does the Bible have to say about it. All of us are searching..Join the God quest.

God Quest: the Bible
Feb 24, John Johnson

Can you trust the Bible? This question is at the root of a christians life. What you believe or don't believe about the Bible will lead you to live a certain way.

God Quest: the Beginning
March 3rd, John Johnson

What you believe about creation determines how you view yourself and life.

God Quest: the Question
March 10th, John Johnson

What you believe about God's goodness defines your relationship with him.

God Quest: the King
March 17th, John Johnson

What you believe about Jesus' identity determines your path in life.

God Quest: the Path
March 24th, John Johnson

The path you follow in your spiritual life leads to your final destination