Church as it should be

What if Church could look like what Jesus talked about? This series is dedicated to finding out what God has for His Church.

Jesus Centric
June 30, Andrew Holzworth

The first and most important focus of the Church must be Jesus.

Family vs Insitution
July 7th, Andrew Holzworth

If the first thing is Jesus and we are made into a people. What are we called to do as a group of believers?

Little light o mine
July 14th, Andrew Holzworth

Out of salt comes light. Having been given the ministry of reconciliation how do we live it out? Get salty...

Lead On
July 21st, Andrew Holzworth

Not only did God give us new hearts but He sealed us with His Spirit. Will we walk, live, and be led by the Spirit?

Upside Down Kingdom
July 28th, Andrew Holzworth

The things of this world and God's ways don't always line up.

Family Conflict
August 4th, Andrew Holzworth

The last message in the series.  Wrapping up what it means to be the Church and how to biblcally make it through conflict.