Maturing, growing, and becoming more and more like Christ. God saved us now we have the rest of our lives to grow in faith.

Becoming: The Word
October 7th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

The word of God is central to the life of a believer. Unfortunately the Church today has a tragic neglect of it. 

Becoming: Exposed heart
October 14th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

God expose in me what is not of you. This prayer is the heart of todays topic: repentance and confession.

Becoming: Prayer
October 21st 2012, Andrew Holzworth

We should pray...all the time, about everything. Yet we sometimes neglect prayer or let it become a chore that we check off.  Today is all about awakening in us a desire for God in prayer.

Becoming: Remember
October 28th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

The life of the mind of a believer is vitally important.  Remember what God has done and tell of all His glorious acts.  We must not forget.

Becoming: Generous lives
November 4th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

It's not just our money that we should be generous with, but our whole lives: time, money, and stuff.  Why should we be generous and what happens when Christians are?

Becoming: everyone must know
November 11th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

Everything you are was designed by God for the place, time and people you woud meet.  God is reconciling all things back to himself and we get to play a part in the mission of God.

Becoming: Press into God
November 18th 2012, Andrew Holzworth

When we become Christians our life changes.  We no longer are bound by sin and self.  The only response we must master as we grow more like Christ is running to God, pressing into His presence and seeking hard after Him no matter what comes our way.  If you fall... run to God. If you are to God.