Awakening: Wake Up to New Life
July 29th, 2012  John Johnson

The Christian life is not a waiting room.  We don't go straight to heaven when we become Christians.  We have a mission as the Church.  God, wake up our souls.

Awakening: Wake Up to Burning Passion
August 5th, 2012  Andrew Holzworth

Before we can talk about the mission of the Church we have to get a higher view, God's view. What is the mission of God? If Cobblestone isn't doing what God is doing, it doesn't matter what Cobblestone is doing...right?

Awakening: Wake Up to the Mission of the Church
August 12th, 2012  Andrew Holzworth

The mission of the Church is vitally important. Join us as we look at Matthew 28 and the Great Commission to find the mission for God's Church.

Awakening: Wake Up to Your Mission
August 19th, 2012  Andrew Holzworth

What is the call of a Christian?  This last message in the Awakening series looks at Romans 12 as a backdrop for what we should be doing on the outside - with your neighbors, co-workers, and at home.  We will also look at what we should be doing on the inside - in your Church and with other believers in the body of Christ.