God's Gameplan for Relationships

The book of 1 timothy calls the Church the pillar and foundation of truth. We are taking these six weeks to learn what that means.

Who needs a Pillar?
Oct 20th, John Johnson

The Church is the pillar and foundation. We as the Church should do what then?

Who was Paul-not?
Oct 27th, John Johnson

We dive into chapter 1 of 1 timothy. Learning that what we believe matters.

Are we healthy?
Nov 3rd, Andrew Holzworth

10 things to be a healthy Church and 1 timothy 4:11-5:2 to get us started.

Who Cares?
Nov 10th, John Johnson

Leaders of the Church are not like the leaders of the world. They are called to serve like Jesus did.

Roles and Responsibilities
Nov 17th, John Johnson

The Bible passage for today points all the way back to Creation to help us understand gender roles and responsibilities.

Godliness and love
Nov 24, John Johnson

Finishing the 1 Timothy series.  We are the Church and must act the way God says.