Proposed draft bylaws

As the leadership of Cobblestone began to look at our current structure and bylaws we began to ask a few simple question, "what does the Bible say about how a Chruch should be structured?" and " where is it wrtiten in the word to back up what we do now?"  These and many more quesitons led us to begin praying, editing, and push to change the existing bylaws and governance structure. Coming up in December members will vote on these drafted documents.

Please read over them, pray over them, we belive God has led us to these changes and are welcoming conversation, questions and interaction from God's people.


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Teaching forums

To help faciliate discussion we held four saturday teachings with question and answer sessions. Below are the teaching resources for each.

 elders                deacons            women           bylaws w/Q&A

Beautiful design

Part of the process was a four week series.  The series was more than just Church structure but God created differences between men and women. You can listen to messages on our media page or follow this link.